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(Nov 10, 2012)
Checking in :)
(Jun 10, 2011)
holy cow..... i dont think anyone use this since 2010!
(Dec 29, 2010)
wow last time i check this in spet! Hows everyone doing??? Hope you guys have a good christmas and happy new year!
(Dec 13, 2010)
hey how is everyone? havent been on in forever
(Sep 15, 2010)
hey, yes few ppl come back to play :)
(Sep 12, 2010)
Anyone coming back for F2P? I'll be on for the next few weeks checking things out.
(Aug 06, 2010)
glad to see other ppl check this now and then
(Aug 06, 2010)
me too!
(Jul 30, 2010)
thanks:)! i miss the great memories too:/
(Jul 29, 2010)
(Jul 29, 2010)
I check it from time to time... makes me kindof sad... so many great memories!
(Jun 14, 2010)
my comp is still being retarded lol
(Jun 12, 2010)
you still alive! lol how come i dont see you play on lotro anymore?
(Jun 12, 2010)
i do! never any updates though:/
(Jun 10, 2010)
does anyone ever check this website ????
(Jun 10, 2010)
(May 05, 2010)
and hello to you! look me up sometime in middle earth and we can hang out!
(Apr 30, 2010)
magan and I say Hi hope everybody is well
(Apr 26, 2010)
Hello Everyone!
(Apr 12, 2010)