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Who The Night Watchmen are.

Our kinship's goal is to develop, cultivate, and sustain a group of gamers who are mature and enjoy helping each other out. We would like to achieve a community that is not just strangers that game together, but a family of gamers.

Within Night Watchmen, there is an administration group that has been formed consisting of a Leader and Officers. We believe in a democratic system though. Every member of Night Watchmen is important and we will strive to encourage you all to participate and get involved with everything that happens here.

We do not want this Kinship to be about rules, regulations, cans and can't do's, but there are a few ground rules that we insist on.

1. You are a representative of The Night Watchmen, so please conduct yourself in a mature responsible manner (no racism, slander, etc..) within the game, to other gamers, and on any ventrilo server. We want this to be a fun and relaxing atmosphere for everyone. Any public degredation of another person is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. This includes all the chat channels in-game.

2. If you have any concerns or disputes over any issue about the game or other members, please present your thoughts and arguments to the administration. We will do our best to come up with solutions for the issue at hand. The last thing we want is someone leaving because of a miscommunication, or an issue that could have been avoided.

3. If you know someone who would be a good addition to the kinship, direct that person to this website to apply for consideration from the entire membership.

4. Please understand that peoples alts wil not be added to the Kinship as their only character in our Kin. In order to have an alt within the Kin you must have your main character as a member. Due to complications that can arise, we require that any alts you have are either in the Night Watchmen also, or else unkinned. We strive to be supportive to our members, not just 1 of our members characters!

5. If you are posting an item on the Auction House and you notice that the lowest posted price for the same item was placed by a Kin-mate please do not undercut their price. Consider matching it as a respectful alternative.

6. The intentional use of exploits in kinship activities or otherwise is prohibited and will likely result in your expulsion from the kinship. If you are confronted with such a situation in a PUG group or other non-Kin related teaming, please remove yourself from the group inmediately. It would be wise to share the situation with kin leadership so that others do not end up in the same situation.

7. Do not post anything you wouldn't show/tell to your grandma. We are all mature here but we try to keep it clean because many log while they are at work during the day.

8. Ventrilo is not a must but we encourage our members to use it (especially for fellowship quests, raids, and special events like chicken runs or freeze tag). We have a few members that have valid reasons to not use it though so if you have one, we will try to adjust when needed.

Lastly, have fun, but don't let LOTRO become your life. We put huge emphasis on FAMILY and "real life". It is easy to burn yourself out on MMO type games like LOTRO....keep it in check and make sure life and family come first. Thanks for reading the above and we will see you in game.
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